ETS2 Bus mods

Are you dreaming about driving a coach in ETS2? Let the dreams come true! This is our newest category decided for ETS2 bus mods. We know that many ETS players like to drive busses and transport passengers. So turn the key, start the engine and enjoy your cruise with ETS2 coach mod.

MB-New Tourismo 16 RHD – 2020

Features of the Mod:
3. Wiper and warning assistant (side guard) added.
Added Digital Tacho.
Added 3 normal color options. (Metallic – Normal – Matte).
Cockpit skins were made adjustable options.
Steering wheel covers were made adjustable options.
Skin support has been added to the seats.
Seat covers were made adjustable options.
Added reversing camera.
Engine sound and retarder have been added as a 2nd sound.
The front fog lights are slotted in two colors. (Yellow and White Xenon)
The headlights have been updated and the lens model has been installed.
The taillights have been replaced.
Added rear window sliding led sign. (You can also make your own, there are 2 templates, long or short text)
The overall FPS rate of the mod has been improved.
1.45x Fix Log;
Fog lights color schemes.
Antenna installation on ceiling.
The front ceiling can be painted black.

Project Owner: OyunyusBisMods
1.45x Fix Detbit


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ETS2-Mercedes Benz Travego 15 SHD E6 Kanberoğlu Tourism Skinpack V1

Heavy Vechicles Turkey Mercedes-Benz Yeni Travego 15 SHD modu için Kanberoğlu Turizm kaplaması sizlerle. Custom Template 1’de çıkar. Modun çalışması için modu araç modunun üstüne koyunuz.

Heavy Vechicles Turkey Mercedes-Benz Kanberoğlu Tourism skin for the New Travego 15 SHD mode is with you. It appears in Custom Template 1. Put the mod on top of the car mod for the mod to work.

Project Owner: Heavy Vehicles Turkey
Model: Yağız Bakırcı
Additional 3D Models: İsmail Arslan
Edit,Convert: Harun Aras
Coatings: Emin Doğuş Güraksın – Berk Shirtless
Dashboard: Trzpro
Audio: Kriechbaum – Max2712


MB-Yeni Travego 16 SHD – 2022 V2

Mod Version : 1.45x

High quality model and finish,
Realistic engine sound and retarder,
real console model,
More than one company coating,
Best Van Tur has a metallic paint coating.
Doors and Window Animation.
Release notes 1.45
Added digital tacho
Glasses have been blackened

Model: jekich1 – Mahyar Ghasemi (interior) – Arda Sağlam
Model Editing and Streaming: Artin Kazanciyan
Fmod Audio: Kriechbaum – Max2712 – Freelance – Amin Babaei – Harun Aras
Company Coatings: Bey Bedros – Abdullah Zengin – Burak Bıkmaz – Hasan Çekdar
1.45 Fix: Detbit


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