Caterpillar combo skinpack


Caterpillar Combo.
Renault Magnum skin contains color dds also, it is also modified to suit the skin, but scs file is not locked, so if the interfere with your other skins then it can be deleted.
Trailer skin suit Krone profiliner.
Tested on verision, so if this does not work for you, you might have another mods which creates a conflict with this.
Happy Easter to all

Author: Per_DK


4 thoughts on “Caterpillar combo skinpack

  1. Thanks for doing it quickly… Just what I wanted… Looks cool

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Great combo, works perfect in

    Keep up Your great Work Per, Awsome,


    FReddy Jimmink

  3. fantastic skin, thanksz

  4. is there a way we can contact you on if you want to have done something?

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