Caterpillar CT 660 v 2.1 [1.34.x]

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This mod will add to the game a standalone truck Caterpillar CT 660 which is purchased at the dealer Man
1 cabins
2 chassis
7 engines
6 gearbox
Own interior (3 options)
Its sounds
Its wheels
Supports metallic painting
A bit of tuning

Version 1.32 – 1.34
In mod is also a template for skins.

iljujjkin, jekich1, SCS: – 3D model.
Stas556: – envelope, registration.
Fox071rus: – Interior modeling, baking, texturing.
kriechbaum: – Sounds, registration of engines and transmissions.
Smith: – Template, animation help, etc.
Fire-Blade: – 3d modeling max.
Evelyn Sophie – skins, test
Mick Brown – Technical Support.
Tracy N Nathan Andersoñ: – Technical support.
Gerald Hardie: – Technical support.
Adaptation for 1.34 – mods82.


13 thoughts on “Caterpillar CT 660 v 2.1 [1.34.x]

  1. Awesome

  2. ismail ozdemir

    Greta mod but……

    1. Mod needs more addon and tuning,
    2. Position of the driver must be adjusted or left mirror must be adjusted because driver can’t see mirror correctly.
    3. Right mirror display on the top right corner lost. This must be corrected.
    4. Trailer cable doesn’t attache to the trailer……

    1. Welcome to the fantastic world of modders are terrible doing mods. But yup, i wish they for once will focus on make a polished and fully working mod. At this point i dont even think thats possible lol.

  3. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.34

  4. thebastardbloke

    Fun facts, this mod was mad by the RTA mod group. If you’re gonna upload an exact copy of a paid mod then ffs don’t credit yourself for it.

  5. thebastardbloke

    To the moderator disregard my first comment and this one, proper credit was given and thus this comment and the above one are unnecessary

  6. at what dealer do you find this truck?

  7. Beautiful model but the mod breaks the mirrors chief.

    The ATS version works great though.

    1. The external-view “virtual mirror” failure can be fixed by disabling the “environment” folder located within the “material” directory. You can rename or remove this folder to disable it. It contains nothing but textures and material designations for mirrors. Not sure why the modder decided it necessary to override these files — it’s not stuff you typically see in other truck mods. Sneaky or surreptitious overrides should be avoided in any case. Like those “physics.sii” files you see floating around. Or “light.sii” files by lazy modders who don’t have the common sense to designate unique addons.

      PS — Interestingly enough the same mirror-related files in this mod, do not seem to cause any problems in ATS.

  8. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, ?? CAT CT660 [1.34]

  9. What i dont get is. When they say “adapted to 1.34”, does it mean that the only thing they did was to add “compatibility” parameter to the manifest and thats it? because apparently these days modders dont even bother to actually look for errors or fix missing pieces. Its amazing. And some of em are actually SELLING em.. o.O hahaha.

  10. ismail ozdemir

    Who is gonna update this mod to 1.35?? I like these kind of trucks like T880 or VNX but no one updates.. 🙁

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