Cement Mixer Jobs & Traffic ETS 2 [1.35.x]

Cement mixer available for jobs (fast and freight market) and in traffic.

Game version: 1.35.x (doesn’t work on early versions)

ND4SPD Racer


8 thoughts on “Cement Mixer Jobs & Traffic ETS 2 [1.35.x]

  1. Question, krone trailers can also be added to the traffic
    owned? (mods skin)
    Thank you

    1. Owned trailers? No.
      You need to get the parts that you want and make an own model on Blender + SCS Tools or other modeling softwares (Zmodeler, etc)

      Traffic trucks on ETS 2 uses this new method since 1.19, I think.
      And the same method is used for traffic trailers.

      I’m trying to get some time to learn “Base” modding.
      For now, I just make “Def” modding.

      1. Thanks for the answer, I thought there was another method, with the old tools of blender I had no problems, with the new SCS tools I gave up everything because I always make mistakes, maybe I’m wrong the path of the base folder.
        CiaoZ e grazie di nuovo.

  2. Thank you for this small, but noticeable mod!

    1. Np! Enjoy!

  3. neranjana

    no trailer cables

    1. Yes! Old trailer….

  4. Work in ETS 2 Multiplayer?

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