Cepeda C6 [1.33.x]

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– Standaone
– Find in Scania Dealer
– Interior
– Sound
– Tuning
– Skins

Mod: Gabriel Altamirano GRUPO MBE
Skin: Dariio Nappa, Busologo Ec, Gabriel Altamirano



5 thoughts on “Cepeda C6 [1.33.x]

  1. Video Test Full hd – https://youtu.be/myUMS4i0bXY

    1. BigJhon chiil, thats how mafia works

  2. Stolen mod!

  3. Jean POPINEAU

    We see almost nothing in the mirrors, and those with F2 do not work. Otherwise, good model.

  4. I will try out this mod

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