Ceusters Trailer

Ceusters-Trailer-1 Ceusters-Trailer-2

Tested 1.12.x version

Author: Toxa46rus


9 thoughts on “Ceusters Trailer

  1. А сам грузовик можешь выложить?

    1. Probably Volvo VNL 780

    1. @dr_jaymz

      link doesnt work anymore…

  2. SlenderHUN

    How did you take metallic paintjob to the truck?

    1. a private Volvo

  3. Rocket455Man

    Is there working Volvo VNL mod for 1.12.1?

    Version 0.5 is available for purchase at the level of 14.

    Is there metallic paitjobs for Volvo VNL?

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

  4. can u give me download link for volvo vml 780 plz ?

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