CG Streamline Sunshield with led bar

This is a standalone mod containting 3 different Streamline sunshields equipped with a generic led bar. The led bar activates with the high beam. The sunshield also uses some of abasstreppas’ parts because I essentially edited his mod.

– Streamline High Glass visor with led bar
– Streamline High Paint visor with led bar
– Streamline Low Paint visor with led bar

NOTE: For the moment this mod is only compatible with the Scania R & Streamline modifications V2.2. Scania T version will come later

You are free to share the mod on other sites, but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK. You are also free to edit the mod for private use, but sharing is forbidden unless you have my permission (CrazyGijs)!

CrazyGijs, abasstreppas, RJL & SCS


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