Chalo Ayodhya Livery for Scania

Chalo Ayodhya Livery for Scania S

Caution :-(copyright strike!!!)
1. Don’t replace our download link.
2. Give Our Link for download.
3. Don’t Re-upload our livery added mod.
4. Don`t forget to give credit.
5. Don`t re-edit our livery`s.Credits:

Truck and Trailer Indian Petroleum liverys by The RAW Gaming.Youtube –

Discord –

Livery by -The RAW Gaming

Youtube Link:-
Discord :-


5 thoughts on “Chalo Ayodhya Livery for Scania

  1. bro password kya hai

    1. password
      krish ayodhya

      1. thanks bro❤️

  2. if you don’t want to share mod with public then why you posting this 🤦🤦

  3. wrong !

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