Change Undiscover Route Color v 2.0


Once discovered road is more than 99%, it becomes difficult to have to find a undiscover road, I’ve created this mod
In addition to the previous version, the world map was the zoom ratio when you up to twice
Better map zoom is not required, please use the old version (

Author: Alphaziel


2 thoughts on “Change Undiscover Route Color v 2.0

  1. Female Trucker

    Tried this mod with Maps Tsm/Rus 1.14/ RO.3.78 Doesn’t work, sorry. Also with Promods and rus and romania.

  2. Have you given enough “zzzz” before the mod that it will be at least? For Promods map you can generate the colors by making the def file in the first step of downloading by their site.

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