Chassis custom Daf 50Keda V2


Update 1.24 Beta
Add trailer coupling



10 thoughts on “Chassis custom Daf 50Keda V2

  1. Thanks Matodom 1988 I had seen the pictures and I was waiting for mod
    do not get angry is not a request would be nice to have a lightboxdecals (type decals Ohaha)

    1. matdom1988

      For daf Zoso

      1. Will be added to Lightbox_Daf_XF_105_Final and 50k
        image : you are a great modder I only have ideas but you are free not to listen to not to answer.
        Thank you

          1. It was just that, beautiful, it is also possible to combine the daf xf logo (paint and light)?
            1000 Thanks for the preview test mod
            and I’m sorry if I break the #####

          2. matdom1988

            Ok, no problem.
            I’ll watch it.
            A new version next week with a small video.
            New accessory too.

          3. Ok thanks for your advice
            Ciao Matdom1988

  2. Thanks mate for this great mod !! 🙂

  3. breizhdave

    Hello I can not have a light behind the chassis?
    please help me

  4. hello
    how do you install it because i cannot make it work in the game,
    i kan find it in the modmanager, but does not work ingame?

    plz help

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