Pack Trailer Supermarket


Tested in version 1.12.x
The trailer is standalone

Igor Samson Mr_Zer, Buck, 1234batonik
Converted standalone Matdom1988
skin Fred_be


8 thoughts on “Pack Trailer Supermarket

  1. ADMIN, wrong dl

  2. willy1962

    the mod is not the same as seen on the pictures .
    but can you upload the mod that belong by the pictures .
    Thanks in advance.

  3. ExperimentalTrucker

    We need the name of this trailer pack & the correct download link. It’s a honest mistake, no problem, waiting on the correction:-)

  4. when use such name as

    group[]: machinery
    group[]: adr
    group[]: containers
    group[]: refrigerated
    group[]: liquid
    group[]: fragile
    group[]: construction
    group[]: bulk

    in trailer.sii file when make mods

  5. Trailer Pack Supermarket
    Tested in version 1.12.x
    Trailers are standalone
    Compatible with all my packs and pack Jazzycat
    Trailer: Nabil
    Converts standalone by Matdom1988
    Skin Fred_be

  6. good job, thanks

  7. thks Baba the trailer Hoyer is good ?

  8. DerFreiburger


    the Trailer on the Pictures are not the same in the game. Ist a Little Detail thats not right.
    On the Picture I see an angular Fender over all three wheels. In the Game the Trailer has rounded Fenders over every wheel.
    Can you bring the Trailer on the Picture here to Download, too?
    In my mind the Angular Fender on your Picture is nicer.

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