Chereau Bodex Trailer Red


Chereau Bodex Trailer
– replace krone profiliner
– manifest inclucded
– wheels included
– test on v.1.21
Happy new Year 🙂

Syncron, DRON4ik194


7 Responses to Chereau Bodex Trailer Red

  1. jack77 says:

    enb ?

  2. gingerjames says:

    Hi there,

    Love this trailer, great work! Would it be possible for you to make it standalone at all please? It replaces most of my fridge trailers 🙁

    Thanks GJ

    Happy New Year

  3. bradje530 says:

    can i skin this Trailer ?

    • bradje530 says:

      i will make the all the red things blue is that possebol

      Sorry for my bad english :p

  4. AlexCrazy says:

    make it standalone

  5. matpol98 says:

    Any possibilities for a standalone version? Aleready got trailers who replaces most of the SCS ones…

  6. wtf says:

    Please a standalone version. It looks so great, and I’d love to have it as ”my own” trailer, so that it’s not in traffic everywhere.

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