Chereau DSV Trailer v 1.0


Cargo – DSV Norway
Cargo weight – 24 Tons

Author: Roadhunter


6 thoughts on “Chereau DSV Trailer v 1.0

  1. deineMudda

    again a mod-stealer. this mod was for!! with a big “do not reupload”

    1. Ja so isses nun mal.. Die wollen es net begreifen und wundern sich dann wenns nix mehr gibt, auf garantie wieder einer von den *******

  2. Can you make a Danish one?

  3. Roadhunter will not make anything new, because there is too much stealing he told me.

  4. Really?
    This is an excluse mod you disrespecting #####!
    Get this thing off here ASAP!

  5. Roadhunter

    This Mod is an Roadhunter Mod. First it comes in the TS24 Advent Calendar. Now it is for all. This DL link is the Original Link from me, hear and in TS24 and on my Side

    best regards

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