Chereau FIX for 1.40 + Slots Fix

This mod fix Chereau Flares & move the bottom markers slots, as you can see on the pic’.

Enjoy your game ^^

The fix work with this version (1.39 version : and this one too (1.33 version :, the 1.33 version is better, because you can modify the rear bumper lights 😮



4 thoughts on “Chereau FIX for 1.40 + Slots Fix

  1. AvM Transport

    I don’t know why it looks better without mod 😀

    1. i think ur talking about slots XD, i prefer like this and a lot of people too so i made it XD

      1. Sorry, what do you mean by slots, is the 1.38 version different from 1.33/

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