Chereau reefer standalone


Hi to everyone.
Reefer is standalone with four cargoes.
Fresh chicken,frozen chiken,fresh pigs and creme.
If not show in game rest somewhere and it will show up.
I hope that you will enjoy the mod.
Best regards

Quentin, Kamaz, man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, convert for ETS2 by NABIL
standalone Volidas


9 Responses to Chereau reefer standalone

  1. kriechbaum says:

    Thanks friend to made it as standalone !!

  2. rush_man says:

    thx a lot !!

  3. SkGe says:

    Do a template as well for the trailer maybe ppl want (including me) to make skin for it. Thx!

  4. ursturbo says:


  5. rush_man says:

    there is a bug with the trailer : a kind of fake shadow all around the trailer , very very dark grey/ black color …. did u know that ? could u fix it please ?

  6. Kie says:

    Yes, I’m getting the heavy black shadow thing too, shame. Nice trailer though, I’ll use it when it’s fixed…

  7. Flemmen says:

    Same as me! Black shaddow! will use it when its fixd!

  8. Volidas says:

    Thank you guys,
    update is already done wait until ETS2.LT refresh.

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