Chereau Sties Trailer

Chereau-Sties-Trailer-1 Chereau-Sties-Trailer-2

Standalone Chereau Trailer in Sties colours

Author: Stephan Beekmans (DutchTrucker19)


10 Responses to Chereau Sties Trailer

  1. Bas H says:

    Goed werk! Bedankt

    Nice job! Thanks

  2. MadMuffin says:

    Have nothing to do with original Sties trailer
    and its not that difficult to skin the sties trailer.

    • Stephan Beekmans (DutchTrucker19) says:

      Then skin it yourself! I have an original Sties trailer but that is hard private and I didnt want it too look to much like each other.

      • MadMuffin says:

        I can, but I dont offer my skins.
        If you want you can visit my flickr acc. 😉

        • Esta vida loca says:

          When I have time days along, than I can drawing skins ever and ever, like you.

          Stephan Beekmans’ skin is simple, yes, but respect the time of invest.

  3. вован84 says:

    качнуть можно твои колеса которые на тягаче стоят…

  4. вован84 says:

    ссылочку кидани

  5. вован84 says:

    wheel truck dowloud please

  6. V10ern says:

    I can’t find the trailer in the freight market..

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