Chereau Sties Trailer

Chereau-Sties-Trailer-1 Chereau-Sties-Trailer-2

Standalone Chereau Trailer in Sties colours

Author: Stephan Beekmans (DutchTrucker19)


10 thoughts on “Chereau Sties Trailer

  1. Goed werk! Bedankt

    Nice job! Thanks

  2. MadMuffin

    Have nothing to do with original Sties trailer
    and its not that difficult to skin the sties trailer.

    1. Stephan Beekmans (DutchTrucker19)

      Then skin it yourself! I have an original Sties trailer but that is hard private and I didnt want it too look to much like each other.

      1. MadMuffin

        I can, but I dont offer my skins.
        If you want you can visit my flickr acc. 😉

        1. Esta vida loca

          When I have time days along, than I can drawing skins ever and ever, like you.

          Stephan Beekmans’ skin is simple, yes, but respect the time of invest.

  3. вован84

    качнуть можно твои колеса которые на тягаче стоят…

    1. Stephan Beekmans (DutchTrucker19)

      English please!!

  4. вован84

    ссылочку кидани

  5. вован84

    wheel truck dowloud please

  6. I can’t find the trailer in the freight market..

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