Chereau trailer


My old version of Chereau trailer now for download. Trucks on screenshots aren’t for download!
Don’t reupload!

Hotracer, Kamaz, Jirka, Dominik, Ventyres


6 thoughts on “Chereau trailer

  1. RetroSpectre

    Very nice man, is it a standalone model?

    1. Yes, it is 🙂

      1. RetroSpectre

        Nice, thanks man

  2. The trailer touches the cabin, but in fact it has space to trailer move… 4×2 or some 6×2/4 trucks have colision when you turn to left or right, fix that please!
    Just works fine with Scania long chassis!

    1. It’s not my mistake, behind my trucks it seats good. You can see on screens. Others haven’t any problem with that.

  3. Thanks!

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