Chereau trailer fixed


Standalone Chereau trailer, with fixed texture bug.

Quentin, Kamaz, man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, convert for ETS2 by NABIL standalone Volidas


14 thoughts on “Chereau trailer fixed

  1. interiors pliz ??

  2. Faelandaea

    ? What bug was there in the textures? I’ve repainted the Chereau and never noticed anything out of place.

  3. interiors pliz??

  4. perhaps he means Invalid wheel index

    old version – 3rd new download

    for v1.14xx we need the new directory-based mechanism

  5. do you have a link for the tractor trailer that’s on the left of the screen?

    1. Edvinas Č

      No, you cant download it, it’s high power cargo DLC by SCS, costs 4-5€, if i am not wrong.

      1. You are completely wrong, that’s the Daf Euro 6 from the 1.14 beta.

  6. Interior?

  7. Ps. Is this DAF low-deck?

  8. Faelandaea

    ### is with people saying “Interior”? Uh . . . this has nothing to do with a truck. Clearly it says (in REALLY bold HUGE black letters at the top) that it is a trailer texture fix – nothing to do with a truck at all. LOL.

    @Baba – yeah that as the only issue I ever had with the Chereau – took like 15 seconds to fix and re-export from Blender to fix the wheel indexes. Fixing the new cargo structure – THAT one is taking me about a week LOL.

    Still, the Chereau never had any texture issues. All of my paints for it have come out absolutely perfect 🙂

    1. Nice trailer!

      And the cargo update isn’t hard. Give me a call if you need/want help.


    That looks really nice! What are those yellow and black bars on the ground though? Could I have a link please? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Faelandaea

      I just stumbled back on this after a bit. To answer this, those bars are part of this mod:

  10. @ Faelandaea

    I do the same and it works perfect with v1.14xx
    without yellow or red listings

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