Chereau trailer v1


Tested on 1.16.2s version, game.log clear.
Lightmask, wheels, AO textures and so on…


Laxi, dallyborr, Syncron


19 thoughts on “Chereau trailer v1

  1. Nice. Thanks (:

  2. Hi, very nice, but what truck ist that?


    1. DAF 95XF

  3. breizhdave

    Stantalone ???

    1. Standalone.

  4. hey where i can find this trailer??
    such a nice mod:)

  5. you have perhaps cord to this Dafa xd 95 could in order you to send him or something??

    1. WHAT ?

  6. Quattrophobia

    Nice work as always laxi πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for this, looks great.

    I’ve been trying to search for the real version of this model but without the name I couldn’t. Out of curiosity, does the last axle of the trailer steer in real life? I ask because it looks like it’s pivot point would be a problem if the truck turns too much.


    1. Yeah, in real life last axle steers but it’s impossible to make trailer axles liftable or steerable. That’s the ETS2 game code, I can’t do anything about it.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        It’s ok man, I wasn’t asking for it πŸ™‚ I know trailers for now are just that… trailers.
        I was just curious as if it steers in real world because it looked a bit weird on the design if not.

        I really hope some day they add this feature, it would make the “convoi exceptionnel” type trailers really fun to drive.


        1. Yeah, I hope so. Time will show.

  8. How to install it?

  9. Sadly it doesn’t appear in my game.
    Does it have to load last, or?…

    Tried to refresh all loads, nothing.

    1.16 btw.

  10. After making it load last, it worked πŸ˜‰

    Wonderful trailer!
    But it needs some fixes for V2.

    One is that black thing needs to go or to be moved more to the back:

    And this needs to be brought into driving position:

    It would be awesome if this could be fixed,
    otherwise I could try it myself.

    Greetings, and wonderful mod!

  11. What does skin the edges of the trailer? (The light blue stuff).

    Got the boxes and everything, I just can’t fit these.

  12. Please make it appear more often.
    It’s waay too rare!

  13. Hey people.

    I think the trailer is very nice.
    But it’s not showing in game enough.

    And i can’t see the skins there are in the trailer..
    And i can’t skin it my self..


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