Chevrolet Opala SS 1.27

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Tested 1.27



8 Responses to Chevrolet Opala SS 1.27

  1. Kenseth says:

    please make a Chevrolet Corvette Grand sport 2017!!!

    • Roberto D. says:

      What good will that do? The purpose of the game is to hitch and deliver trailer while exploring the road. Cars can’t even hitch cargo trailers at all.

      • MREnglishGamer says:

        There is a mod that allows this, search up BMW X6M50d and this car comes with a tow hook and a trailer.

  2. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  3. Phil says:

    Hi mate how about making a 1986 chevy blazer v8!!!

  4. Fernando França says:

    This mod is buggy, the sound of the truck is mistaken and the sound of some things of it disappear.

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