China Dongfeng Truck


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Dongfeng Tianlong Flagship Truck, to replace Iveco Hi Way Truck

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13 thoughts on “China Dongfeng Truck

  1. Military_Pig


    1. Wolfblood

      yes, it has Interior ……

  2. craZyblaZe

    Made in China

    Anyways nice truck 🙂

  3. pl_tv_software

    Video…? 🙂

  4. AlexCrazy

    not standalone = no need thuis sh!t 🙂 go to trash

  5. 独立内饰有吗?替换什么?

    1. Stop typing Chinese right here you dumba$$. I can read Chinese. Your action makes me shame on you.
      PS HongKongese

  6. sh!t is what you have inside of you head.

    nice truck nice job

  7. Space Cam

    you cant convert the CAT CT 660 on ats to ets 2 1,22 it is a American truck sim mod.

  8. American-Express

    720p HD , the 3D isn’t good 🙁

  9. Can someone please make this standalone? Love this truck, but I don`t want to loose the only iveco that i like…thanks in advance

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