China FAW CA141 Truck

China-FAW-CA-141-Truck-1 China-FAW-CA-141-Truck-2 China-FAW-CA-141-Truck-3

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This Truck has three types of chassis, found in the Mercedes Benz dealer

Author: china-尛财迷


8 Responses to China FAW CA141 Truck

  1. kent76 says:

    It looks weird,maybe it’s because the uncomplicated modeling…..China doesn’t have this thing for a long long time…..

  2. AlexCrazy says:

    I think it’s mutilated Ural by Equalizer :))

  3. joni1501 says:

    it doesn’t work anymore, -_- not recommended to download

  4. 211293 says:

    thank you

  5. Taylor says:

    This is a rip off. this thing has no stuff of it’s own. From the inside it looks like a normal Actross I have seen some bad mods before but this takes the cake. Please if you want to do a different sort of truck make sure it is not related to any of these trucks. Nice try but think before you leap.

  6. Bdoel says:

    it look like mutant ural…….

  7. Баруч says:


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