China HOWO A7


New Truck China HOWO A7
Tested: 1.3.1
Replaces Iveco Truck

Author: unknown


9 Responses to China HOWO A7

  1. Pierre says:

    Mod bien sale commeune copie chinoise.

  2. Von j says:

    what is the cargo?

  3. vat 69 says:

    its didn’t work for me
    i use 1.3.1 version
    why its does not work
    can some one help me tq

  4. huawei says:

    iveco interior??? Come on man … Do this better and then post it up for DL

  5. Problem? says:

    bahahahaha someone needs to get laid!

  6. nasar alhwajra says:

    nar 7mrh

  7. nasar alhwajra says:

    good game

  8. nasar alhwajra says:

    good games euro truck

  9. nasar alhwajra says:

    Do not post off topic.

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