China HOWO A7


New Truck China HOWO A7
Tested: 1.3.1
Replaces Iveco Truck

Author: unknown


9 thoughts on “China HOWO A7

  1. Mod bien sale commeune copie chinoise.

  2. what is the cargo?

  3. its didn’t work for me
    i use 1.3.1 version
    why its does not work
    can some one help me tq

  4. iveco interior??? Come on man … Do this better and then post it up for DL

  5. bahahahaha someone needs to get laid!

  6. nasar alhwajra

    nar 7mrh

  7. nasar alhwajra

    good game

  8. nasar alhwajra

    good games euro truck

  9. nasar alhwajra

    Do not post off topic.

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