Chris Maximus Fan Package v 1.0

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EN: Chris Maximus FanPackage

Dear fans of the Youtuber Chris Maximus, Dear Chris Maximus

changelog to v 1
-added more truckskins for: MAN, VOLVO FH (2012), DAF XF E6 , IVECO HiWAY, Scania Streamline
-added 4 standard standalone trailers including Cargo: Curtainsider, Boxvan, Schmitz Universal and a foodcistern
-added new Shop Select Pictures to recognize Maximus Fanstuff
-added another Company based on LKW-Log, changed to Chris Maximus Logistic. CM Companies in total: 2
-improved Logo of company CM Logistic

It may be that the package still contains some errors. These will be fixed in the next update. On my Computer
this package runs well.

If you found bugs, please report them to my forum on Registration needed.
Whats planned next?
-More Truckskins: Actros 2014, Actros&Arocs by WTD, Scanias of RJL, Renault Magnum

Any Idea, what to add? please put them to my forum on Registration needed.

Here I once put together a FanPackage. It is composed of:

1. NextGeneration Scania skins for R and S models
2. Trailer Skins “Chris Maximus” for the Schmitz S.KO EXPRESS with Folding Wall – Rework v1.1- Download Link below Alternative
3. Chris Maximus Cabin Accessories …
(based on Sisl’s Cutomization Pack) As there are:

All accessories carry the Chris Maximus logo: CM Logistic

3.1 Steering wheel knob
3.2 pennants for glass screen
3.3 Flags on pole
3.4 Plenty of mini scarves
3.5 coffee mug
3.6 Maximus pennant
3.7 White sign “I’ll make a fish”
3.8 Miracle Tree “Maximus Musk”
and so on

4. Attachments

As add-on parts there is a texture-changed flag with the CM logo. She replaces that
SCS software logo. Furthermore, the light boxes from 50kedas Tuning Pack are texturally
been adapted. There is still another light box in the package, texturally
was adjusted.

5. Trailer

To top it off, Trailer Paintjobs for the above-mentioned Scmitz S.KO Express
added. 3 further standard trailers are together with freight in the package.

6. CM Company (replaces Eurogoodies)

Last but not least, there are 2 companies
“Chris Maximus Logistics”, which replaces are the original companies “Eurogoodies” and “LKWlog”.

SCS Software, Yellofoxx SkinworXX, SiSl, Moh1332,

Thanks go to:
Moh1332. Thanks to his help file, I was able to skin the new Scania.

Thanks are also due:
Chris Maximus, Moses, Sidney Sina, Das Osterei, Corab04, Abgefahren and the Chris Maximus Community

SCS Software, Yellofoxx SkinworXX, SiSl, Moh1332, #borce


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  1. Who the fucks chris maxinus??????????????

    1. A youtuber with 50k subs, he is german tho.

    2. YellofoxxSkinworxx

      He is a german Youtuber , bringing videos and livestreams about ETS2 and another games. He has a big fan community and is a friend of mine…

      1. Oh ok ive never heard of him didnt mean to offend anyone.

  2. The_Ulas_7

    schleimer HAHAHA

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