Chris Maximus Fan Package

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Dear Fans of Youtuber Chris Maximus.

This is the Chris Maximus FanPackage.

It’s containing …
1.) 2 Next generation Scania paint-jobs, one for S-Model, one for R model.
2.) Trailer Skin “Chris Maximus Logistics”

3.) Chris Maximus Fan Accessoires like mug, scarf, pennants, Steering knobs, and so on (Need SiSLs Package)

4.) Exterior: added a lightbox (no idea, who is creator.) Changed texture of SCS Exterior Flag to CM Logistics

5.) Company: Edited “eurogoodies” to “CM Logistics”

To use the trailerskin, you may download Schmitz S.KO Express Rework 1.1 by obelihnio

Many thanks goes to:
Chris Maximus: for great vids.
Moh1332: who brought us these explaining package to skin the all new scania.
SiSl: tesekürler (thanx) , for your great Cabin Accessoires package
SCS Software and Community: A great Community who make the game great again, every year

Need also Skins? Visit my website for Information to that.
Wanna donate me?
Found bugs? Visit my website. I will create a bugfix Forum next days
Wanna share, or present on other Modding websites? USE THIS TEXT and RESPECT MY LINK. Linkage is only allowed, if you link to my website.

CM Logistics Logo is an Own Creation of Yellofoxx SkinworXX
Any Questions ? Visit my website. Use Contact Formular

Yours Sincerely
Yellofoxx SkinworXX

SCS Software, Yellofoxx SkinworXX, SiSl, Moh1332, #borce


4 thoughts on “Chris Maximus Fan Package

  1. Mario220202


    1. YellofoxxSkinworxx

      No Problem. Then look out for anoher cooooool ETS2 Stuff 😉

  2. germans Play


    1. YellofoxxSkinworxx

      das package hatte ich von hier… musst mal schauen ein par seiten vorher

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