Chris Waite Scania RJL skin


a Chris Waite skin i did for the RJL Scania, i hope u all enjoy đŸ™‚



5 Responses to Chris Waite Scania RJL skin

  1. Phildu82 says:

    Do u have any of the other Chris waite scania or volvo would be ace to have the collection

  2. robert askin says:

    link for the light bars?

  3. Phildu82 says:

    I can’t open as it’s passworded anyone no how to sort it

    • luke says:

      its locked thats why No editting to any of my skins

      • Phildu82 says:

        First off I love this skin and I wouldn’t do that anyway as I extract the winrar it comes up with password to open its strange cos never happened before I can’t get it in the game at all

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