Chris45 Trailer Pack V2.07 (300 Trailers)


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Chris45 Trailer Pack (Mostly UK Trailers) V2.07

All Standalone Trailers, Mod Manager Ready

This Trailer Pack also includes all trailers from my previous packs, if you have any of my previous packs remove them from mod folder & use this file.
Download, Unpack with Winrar & place “Chris45 Trailers Pack V2.06.scs” file in mod folder, activate in mod manager, best to put it above other trailer mods (if you have any).
Compatible with Jazzycat trailer packs

You Must have DLC Scandanavia & DLC Going East installed for this mod to work.
Added new trailers, this pack contains 301 Trailers
Trailers also in traffic

Tested on ETS2 V1.22.xx & V1.23

Chris45, Rommi_Tz, Matdom1988, MD modding, SCS


7 thoughts on “Chris45 Trailer Pack V2.07 (300 Trailers)

  1. nice however please reduce file size and pack smaller like ultra packing method if use 7zip compressing program

  2. TodoMundoLocko

    Sr, your mod is awesome! I hope you keep updating it!
    Thank you so much!

  3. cool mods, but notworking good with ai jazzycat, block trailers for trucks

    1. what jazzycat mod are you using ?

    2. I am using Jazzycat Trailers Pack 3.8, Jazzycat Railway Trailers 1.7 & Jazzycat Painted Truck Traffic 2.1 and all working with trailer mod, which mod are you guys using where the trailers not working ?

  4. the same: trailer from Jazzicat not appears the mod is very good need this litle cirrection

  5. I found the same problem. The Jazzycat trailer not appear in the version 2:07 But. version 2.06 was OK ..

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