Chris45 Trailers Pack V9.05

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Chris45 Trailer Pack (Mostly UK Trailers) V9.05
Changelog: V9.05:

added steering axles to heavy haul trailers
added more heavy haulage cargos
added more flatbed cargos
added Variomax Heavy Haul Trailer

All Standalone Trailers, with option to replace default SCS trailer skins.
Mod Manager Ready
All Trailers Compatible with Advanced Coupling ETS2 V1.27
Works on all Maps

This Trailer Pack also includes all trailers from my previous packs, if you have any of my previous packs remove them from mod folder & use this file.

Download, Unpack with 7zip or winrar & place “Chris45 Trailers V9.05.scs” file in mod folder, activate in mod manager, best to put above other mods (if you have any).
If you want to replace default scs trailer skins, place the
Chris45 Replace Default Trailers.scs in mod folder as well.

You Must have DLC Scandanavia & DLC Going East installed for this mod to work.
Works with other Map Mods

NOTE: This Mod is compatible with ETS2 V1.27.2.3s

Note: Don’t take very long trailers on tunnel crossing from dover to calias, use ferry crossings instead, some trailers are too long for tunnel / train crossing.

Tested on ETS2 V1.27 & DLC France

Authors: Chris45
Models: SCS Software, Roadhunter(kroax 4axle).


17 thoughts on “Chris45 Trailers Pack V9.05

  1. zeeuwsetrucker

    Thank you, looks great.

  2. love your trailerpack. But what do i have to remove to remove them from traffic. I’ve an old low end pc

    1. Chris45UK

      Unzip the mod file, goto def/vehicle

      remove the following files:


      Repack mod

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  5. Great job mate. Thx.

  6. vanhouten_cz

    Amazing :-O

  7. If anyone is getting a 0x80004005 error when extracting this, use 7zip. I think it’s been compressed using AES256 encryption, which apparently Windows built-in extractor and WinRar don’t like! 7zip handles it fine!

  8. Chris45: it is very great mod, but I think that will be better more smaller pack – normal cargos, flatbeds, heavy etc. It has around 2,2 GBs, and I am downloading it only for heavy cargos.

    1. repack the mod as zip file using winrar and normal compression, it will be less than 500 mb and will work the same since there are no audio files in it 🙂

      1. Chris45UK

        thanks, i was always under the impression that scs files had to be done using “store” in winrar, have just tried “normal” and it works.

        1. adi2003de

          store you only need as commented from Cipinho if you have sound datas inside .. otherwise you can save with normal 😉

  9. Turbotrucker

    Doyle Distribution for the win. Woof,woof…

  10. Great mod. …..if you want to next version, put my company trailer. ….(if you remenber, fix it for me. ….) Thanks!

  11. ronnyfactor

    ZIP file has an error can not be unzipped please reupload

  12. ronnyfactor

    I’m sorry, I was able to unzip it with 7zip sorry for my english google translate

  13. Drache191200

    Hey i have a question, how can i install the mod in the steam version??

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