Chris45 Trailers Pack V9.06 for ETS2 V1.28

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Chris45 Trailer Pack (Mostly UK Trailers) V9.06
Changelog: V9.06:

added more heavy cargos
added more trailers
added more heavy haul trailers
added railway locomotive cargos
added double trailers
added tripple tipper trailers
optimized files

Mod Manager Ready
All Trailers Compatible with Advanced Coupling ETS2 V1.28
Works on all Maps

This Trailer Pack also includes all trailers from my previous packs, if you have any of my previous packs remove them from mod folder & use this file.

Download, Unpack with 7zip or winrar & place “Chris45 Trailers V9.06.scs” file in mod folder, activate in mod manager, best to put above other mods (if you have any).

You Must have DLC Scandanavia & DLC Going East installed for this mod to work.
Works with other Map Mods

NOTE: This Mod is compatible with ETS2 V1.28

Note: Don’t take very long trailers on tunnel crossing from dover to calias, use ferry crossings instead, some trailers are too long for tunnel / train crossing.

Tested on ETS2 V1.28 & DLC France

Authors: Chris45
Models: SCS Software, Roadhunter(kroax 4axle).

Chris45, SCS Software


20 thoughts on “Chris45 Trailers Pack V9.06 for ETS2 V1.28

  1. hussard 8

    salut chris,

    j’ai telechargé tes mods trailers pack mais ils ne fonctionnent pas, pourquoi?

    1. Bonjour,
      Il faut que tu l’active dans le gestionnaire de mode (au menu de sélection des profils).
      En esperant que ça t’aide 😉
      Bon jeu!

  2. Hello,
    Very nice package, what are the chances for bdf trailers.
    I greet you

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Stop, this Posts !

  5. vanhouten_cz

    Chris, can you make only overweight/oversized trailer pack?

  6. BillyZeKat

    Work on 1.27 ? or i’ts only 1.28 ?

    1. Only 1.28 as it uses features that are not available on 1.27

  7. Very impressive pack.
    Though it needs some bugfixes,especially on double trailers connected with a dolly between because the trailers are scratching in curves. (I’m talking about 2 axles trailers)
    And when towing Magnum it doesnt have any lights,nor blinkers on front.

    1. Chris45UK

      Thanks Adan, I will sort these problems.

  8. Very nice! Think you could do some kind of 5- or 6-axle heavy curtainsider?

  9. can we compine that with big heavy pack v3.7?

  10. SuperSteve2345

    How did you manage to skin the Cattle trailer like that ?. I always wanted to make a skin for it but never found out how to do it.

    1. Chris45UK

      I had to remodel the side panels of the default cattle trailer to get skin to work on both sides, if you unpack my trailer mod, goto : “vehicle/trailer_cs/livestock/paint” you will find the skins (dds) there.

  11. jorgent97

    Hd test…..

  12. Francisco Joao de Almeida
  13. Is it compatible with ProMods Trailer Pack and Jazzycat Trailer Pack?

  14. Alejandro

    very cool

  15. Joe Smith

    Hi, How can I have only trailer skins in game, without having all the different cargos?

  16. works on 1.30?

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