Christmas Trailers Pack

Christmas-1 Christmas-2

10 standalone trailers
Trailers are included into traffic
Test 1.22 beta

Happy Journey

authors skins : Georgegold CZ and are members of the FCB Group ETS 2-2015 * authors trailer : Rommi TZ, Maximka.P, SCS, Sib3rius, Sheryo


15 thoughts on “Christmas Trailers Pack

  1. Oh this is so beautiful!

  2. Please use sharemods next time because the download link confuses me as a foreigner you know.

    1. is it really that hard to just click the only button on the page?
      If you don´t know which button it is then it is the “Stáhnout” button

  3. Georgegold

    No problem 🙂

  4. I’m not a Christian but it’s nice to see a quality christmas trailer mod finally, Good job 🙂

  5. HD Review with one of the trailers 🙂 :

  6. Why not add credits Matdom 1988?
    he reworked the trailer and added to ETS2studio
    for all of us.
    What do you think????

    1. Iam author of one skin from these and all the trailer is work of Rommi from TZ express, Maximka.P, SCS, Sib3rius, Sheryo
      But Rommi gived to us original texture to skin and we skined it, when we were done we only rewrited anyone of the original skins, when it was done they gived out all the other skins, this trailer skin pack never didn’t see ETS 2 studio…, If Iam right…

  7. File doesn`t exist. Can anyone please get this mod in a normal download page.

  8. Georgegold

    Alternativ link :
    Zoso – Here is the original authors, and I wrote :
    Bringin : Thank´s for video

    1. Matdom 1988 he reworked this trailer
      and added it in ETS2studio (to create this type of trailer)
      and just add Matdom1988 because he will prepare other work for our community

      1. Georgegold

        I do not have a problem with it

  9. Meus Parabéns pelo Trailer, ficou legal mesmo…

  10. Karina-Moskva

    Cool winters trailers !

  11. christophe

    magique grand merci

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