Cistern Euro Fuel Trailers Pack


Tested in version 1.14.x
Trailers are standalone
Compatible with all packs Trailer

Authors: Credit: Joggi, Micha-BF3, Fred_be


9 Responses to Cistern Euro Fuel Trailers Pack

  1. Fred_be says:

    Scs file is locked with respect to the author of the trailer

    • Modsbyrob says:

      Don’t lock my work. I hate people that lock my work. Leave it open.

  2. Fred_be says:

    Sorry Sib3rius,
    Micha-BF3 said the trailer was Joggi. She just ets1 and he converts

  3. Modsbyrob says:

    Joggi is taking false credit for my work then. Mod stealer.

  4. niepa says:

    Great job again. Can you make chemical skins? Sitra, Haanpaa, Hoyer, Den Hartogh and so on.

  5. Gordon Gekko says:

    This Trailer was opened without permission of Micha-BF3.
    Please remaove this Mod you assholes

  6. Fred_be says:

    Ok Sib3rius. No problem for the next SCS file packs will be open and I would put you in the credits

  7. Fred_be says:

    You occupied for your butt Gordon Gekko
    I asked permission to Micha and it’s not the trailer is that of Sib3rius

  8. arro says:

    what is the password for skinning ?

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