Citroën 2Cv Ai Trafic Reworked


Citroën 2Cv revisited
What’s up ?
* SCS color removed
* 63 true colors of the car added
* Headlights turned yellow
* Maximum speed changed: 115km / h -> 80 km / h
* Weight changed: 825kg -> 575kg
* Rate of appearance in France increased


Citroën 2Cv revisité
Quoi de neuf ?
* Couleur de SCS supprimé
* 63 vraies couleurs de la voiture ajoutés
* Phares devenus jaune
* Vitesse maximale changé : 115km/h -> 80 km/h
* Poids changé: 825kg -> 575kg
* Taux d’apparition en France augmenté

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Kogami_Modding & SCS


5 thoughts on “Citroën 2Cv Ai Trafic Reworked

  1. merci pour la deuch deuch, manque plus que la 4L, voiture mytique

  2. Awesome work

  3. TheGreenlightTrucker

    & you write “Citroën” right (y)

    Good work 😉

  4. hmm i cant find this car no where, mean none dealer has it on sale

    1. It’s an addition to AI traffic, you can not drive it, sadly.

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