Citroen C2 1.35.X

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Animated gears
Cabin DLC
Seamless gears
Few modified part
Compatible version: 1.35

Credits: trzpro, Berkay Aksoy


10 thoughts on “Citroen C2 1.35.X

  1. So+life+like


  2. Silesia man

    Please can you make Mercedes GLE Coupe or GLS

  3. TheGreenlightTrucker


  4. Please can you make Fiat multipla and Citroen Xsara Picasso please

  5. Y.O.U

  6. jayontheway228
  7. Hi, i’m working on a car mod for ets2, and i’m asking you if you could send me by e-mail the sound pack of this car, because the engine in real life does the exact sound of the 1.6 16v of the C2. Thank you in advance.

  8. Great+mod,+one+of+the+most+”realistic”+mod+I+found.+There+are+some+problems+as+if+the+car+jump+when+we+drive+fast+and+make+accident,+the+seat+position+is+too+high,+I+don’t+see+the+speedometer.

  9. triiperzz

    What dealership would I find this in?

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