Citroen C2 V1R110 (1.46)

Citroen C2

Citroen C2’s are often considered as first cars because they look trendy, there aren’t huge numbers about and it’s perceived to be cheap. That’s because the basic specs feel cheap and reliability on Citroens suggests they may be built on the cheap.

Updated to 1.46

(Bodykits Included)

Disclaimer: This is not my mod, this mod has been made by the author: TRZPRO. This mod has been changed to a new version of ETS2 and has been reposted, since this mod hasn’t been posted for a while, no copyright infringement intended.

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8 thoughts on “Citroen C2 V1R110 (1.46)

  1. Clio 2 and clio 3 pleasseeeeee

  2. Paul Ionescu

    Hi, Could you please update Honda Civic FD6 (the one made by HARUNARAS) and Skoda Superb 2017

    1. GameSpot Gaming

      Thanks for reaching out!

      But unfortunately, the Honda Civic cannot be updated because of me not being able to edit the Honda because of the mod not being available to download, and because of the fact that it states that editing the mod is prohibited.

      The skoda is still available by an other author.

  3. fdp dvos mere

    vous au lieu de faire des vrais voitures comme des rs3 rs6 2020 non faut faire des twingo des c2 des 206 de fdp bande de fdp

  4. Paul Ionescu

    Not that skoda. The skoda superb is 2017 (B8) it was last updated to 1.41


  6. Lütfen “Skoda Yeti” Aracının Modunu Yapar Mısınız Uzun Süredir Arıyorum Ama Hiç Bulamadım

    Can you please make the mod of the “Skoda Yeti” car, I’ve been looking for a long time, but I could not find it

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