Citroen Jumper Ai Traffic


The mod is tested in 1.16.2

Taina95 & alper93

DOWNLOAD 15.7 MB [uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 15.7 MB [sharemods]

7 Responses to Citroen Jumper Ai Traffic

  1. Hrumol says:

    Po cholerę spojler w dostawczaku!?

  2. Taina95 says:

    Locked because there is a steal
    Signed so more than once
    Follow on Facebook I can help you

  3. arthur says:

    doesnt work with your fiat ducato ai car same chassis name

  4. hura says:

    can you fix color car so bright and why with spoiler NFS??? and make variant skin plzz 1 more mb sprinter not work skin since 1.16 just only dpd skin show

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