Clean the Roadside in Italy

This MOD is a simple terrain change, cleaning the Italian roadside litter.
Other litter will not be cleaned.

Tested on version



8 Responses to Clean the Roadside in Italy

  1. nothiing says:

    Its just the reality how Italy looks like in real life

  2. Eren16 says:

    but i want dirty roads

  3. zoso says:

    The SCS should think more about the game you have Italian waste
    I know Italian highways well, and the map of Italy has disappointed me there is nothing real and many signs are wrong, a small example of the sign Catanzaro can only be found in Calabria.
    Autostrada del Sole: A1-Milan-Salerno-Reggio Calabria
    CiaoZ amico

    • hanswurst says:

      don’t cry so loud

    • phantom says:

      The trash alongside of the road is real đŸ™‚

    • wegger says:

      E per me la stessa cosa, sono deluso.

      • zoso says:

        Ciao Wegger, un mio parere la mappa italia SCS è molto scarsa
        molto meglio le mappe dei modders.
        Purtroppo qualcuno non ha capito il mio commento pazienza.
        CiaoZ e Buon natale

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