“Clear Sky” NOHDR weather mod

This is “small” weather mod. I created it more than year ago, and think that I can use it couple of weeks, but more than year passed and I still use it. 😆
– One day texture
– One night with stars and moon
– One rain with overcast texture (one is from photo)
– One sunrise/sunset
All textures are self painted (except one overcast texture), I understand that I not a “cool designer”, but this enough for me. 😆

PROMods climates supported just by climate names only (not a temperature).
I just share my mod and don’t want update it. Anyone can improve this mod without my permission if he/she want update it.
Special Reshade/SweetFX not required, but you can use it.
Some artifacts can occur in OpenGL mode, because night texture do not have “mipmaps” (tobj too)


DOWNLOAD 49 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 49 MB [Modsbase]

One thought on ““Clear Sky” NOHDR weather mod

  1. thanks PIVA, works as well in ATS

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