Coca Cola Trailer

Works only on Topline cab,
Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
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Carrozzeria skin Lucà


7 thoughts on “Coca Cola Trailer

  1. Stretched to the max, awesome “topline” skin! What is this s##t??

  2. H0LY #### !!! …Oo

  3. On which “Topline-Skin” ?
    It´s a Trailer, not a Truck.
    And the “Skin” ? HORRIBLE… 🙁

  4. This guy always say that his skins are awesome.
    Well, i think otherwise.

  5. Ебать караул

  6. What the hell is this???
    That’s definetly not a Coca-Cola trailer….
    Saw better trailers than this one…..

  7. Maybe it would be better to give him some advice or help,
    we all had to learn!
    I prefer these people, and I do not accept people like zukiko

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