Coca Cola Trailer

coca-cola-1 coca-cola-2

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Authors: Deepy, Rommi TZ


6 thoughts on “Coca Cola Trailer

  1. Why do not you add Matdom 1988 in the credits?
    Trailer Tz Express. Re-worked exclusively for ETS2studio Matdom1988

  2. Donetskguerrillas

    Dude! you all here are pretty tired of your snot grievances!
    Get off the Internet, moron!

    1. thank you!, thought i was the only one.

      1. you are equal to him the same kind of merda

        1. well how about commenting in a more friendly tone to begin with.. in steady of a snotty bark of a sentence that just makes people think why they should bother. it may actually get the modders the credit they desperately need and save all this

    2. Moron are you and all moron like you
      Because coglione like you many modders have disappeared
      if I have to get out of the internet I can only decide that you do not command a cazzo.
      if you do not like my complaints it’s just your problem just not comment.
      What did I say wrong?
      open your eyes and your ears I have not offended anyone
      you’ve shown all your intelligence by HEN

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