Coles Custom skin for RJL Scania


Coles Custom skin for RJL Scania.



9 Responses to Coles Custom skin for RJL Scania

  1. Flattothematt says:

    Hi sped

    Does the lightbox come with this mod?


    • speedy143 says:

      If you use powekasi’s mod the decal is included in the skin.

  2. zoso says:

    Ciao Speedy143
    good job???
    I wanted to ask where I can find video tutorials for imports and exports skin lightbox?
    as you did in this mod.?
    you are free not to answer?
    thank you
    Ciao ciaoZ

    • speedy143 says:

      This is just a skin for powerkasi’s light box, as long as the skin loads after that mod it will show up. If you open my skin file you can see the folder structure, all you need to do is overwrite the DDS file. Hope this makes sense 😉

      • zoso says:

        Thanks for the answer
        I intended to create the structure with blender
        usually I put in my mod I just file.DDS (eg Scania topline Kivits drunen
        anyway thanks for your time, do not go crazy for me???

  3. Banksy says:

    great skin dude, with box and rear flap, i did the underworld coles nearly the same but bother sides repeat on mine couldnt find the pics to match yet. love the coles & sons trucks, if you ever wana do the convoy t cab, that would be awesome ;D. great work

  4. KJS HAULAGE LTD says:

    Hi do you do Private skins?


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