Colombia Map 3.40 (ETS2 1.31.x)

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Changelog 3.40:
-A lot of new things on the map (Models, road, etc)
-Reconstruction of the city of Manizales, more realistic
-Correction of textures for the lines of the road.
-Correction of textures in the shoulders or “speed reducers”.
-Inclusion of barriers in areas of the map where the road ends.
-Correction of delivery time for jobs (increased).
-Correction of vegetation on roads (down Del Boqueron, among others).
-Correction of money gain for external work. (decrease for more realism).
-Correction of appearance of dealership “MAN” in Melgar.
-Inclusion of dealership “MAN” for Dosquebradas “.
-Inclusion of via Chinchiná to Manizales.
-Inclusion of improvements for the illumination and tonality of colors in the graphics of the map.
-Inclusion of system of day and night skies for the map
-Other error corrections.

Independent Map of Colombia that contains some deadly routes, dangerous curves, ups and downs and more!, Download the .rar and locate the 2 files in ETS2 mod folder and use the module apollo.mbd and start.

Enjoy the map!



13 Responses to Colombia Map 3.40 (ETS2 1.31.x)

  1. Momo says:

    Is it compatible with promods? thanks

  2. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.31

  3. Vlad50075 says:

    What dlc map needed?

    • Guest01 says:

      All expansion DLCs (Italy, France, Scandinavia and Going East)

  4. Empanada says:

    amigo, intenta de decorar bien las ciudades no es agradable llegar a cualquier ciudad y ver todo mal colocado y así.. el mapa es genial pero eso lo quita en mi opinión mucho “detalle”

  5. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Amazing map I’ll make a series on my YT channel 😀

  6. Celil says:

    Yeni Profil açmamıza gerek varmı

  7. BATERO65 says:

    Good afternoon I just want to say with all respect that: the map of Colombia is something that I can not play well, I have many errors in the Game log, and it is not optimized, in short it is a crap.

    • [LMK]Mali-Chan says:

      u dotn know what ur talking there XD
      its ur game what get the error. i dont hae any errors 😛

      Make sure u have the map DLC´s 😛

      Now have fun with the map

  8. Виталий says:

    Не плохая карта, есть свои не доработки (кое где проседает ФПС, где то не стыковки в графики, трафик большой, пришлось через консоль регулировать, да и скорость прибавить не мешало бы ему, хотя бы в левом ряду , если автор их устранит, то будет вообще норм. 7 из 10-ти.


    hola amigo como uso este mod, mencionas que hay que activar el modulo apollo.mbd, donde esta ese modulo como lo descargo, donde lo instalo?

  10. Dalton says:

    Porque no es posible hacer la primera entrega? Hay Crash cuando llega en final

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