Colombia Map v 3.3.0 (ETS2 1.31.x)

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Changelog v3.3.0
-Correction of invisible walls on the road from La Paila to La Tebaida.
-Increased experience gained by free driving (ideal for buses or automobiles).
-Increased experience when discovering new areas on the map.
– Complete reconstruction of the stretch of Guayabetal to Quetama Bridge (Villavicencio – Bogota) including double carriageway, bridges and tunnels.
-Correccion of mountain that blocked the ascent to the hill of Guadalupe.
-Correction of invisible wall at the intersection to the rise of Guadalupe Hill.
-Inclusion of the route from La Tebaida to La Paila.
.Inclusion of the municipality of Nueva Quebrada.
-Inclusion of new names of places on the map via Gutierrez.
-Fix minor bugs
-Compatibility with ETS2 1.31

Independent Map of Colombia that contains some deadly routes, dangerous curves, ups and downs and more!, Download the 2 parts and locate the files in ETS2 mod folder and use the module apollo.mbd and start.

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Enjoy the map!


DOWNLOAD 942 MB Part 2

7 thoughts on “Colombia Map v 3.3.0 (ETS2 1.31.x)

  1. wojwesoly

    Do I need some dlc?

    1. wojwesoly


    2. Yes all DLCs

    3. For expansion (Iitalia, France, East and Scandinavia)

  2. Part 1 link is dead.

  3. Xhuzka beats


  4. do+you+need+any+of+the+DLC’s+to+get+this+map?

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