Colombia Map v 4.0

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Changelog v4.0
-A lot or new things, roads and areas:
(Read Demo_Descripcion_JhonDeath.Col.pdf for more information, Truck Dealers Ubications and information how to support the map.)
-Include SCS American Trucks from ATS for driving more realistic (European trucks are still available).
-Fixed errors
-Updated to ETS2 1.34 (Works in 1.33, no tested in ETS2 1.35).

Independent Map of Colombia that contains some deadly routes, dangerous curves, ups and downs and more!, Download the .rar and locate the 4 files in ETS2 mod folder and use the module Colombia_JhonDeath.mbd and start.

Enjoy the map!



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7 thoughts on “Colombia Map v 4.0

  1. Antilatino

    saca esta basura y comparta otros server latino malditos hijos de puta el que comente los hago llorar

    1. Tu puta madre

      Típicas palabras de un albino resentido que fue violado por un ##### caribeño…

      ¿Y que va a hacer gran hijo de puta?????

      P.S: Good Job JohnDeath

    2. @Antilatino Ningun sentido tu comentario… y los moderadores de de adorno…

  2. Why so much money? That’s totally boring

    1. Use mods for real economy, and you obtain the money base for playing, but no recommend because the map es 1:1 scale and the cargos payment is bad

  3. Cristian Cardona

    alguien q me diga porq instalo este mapa y al intentar jugarlo me saca

  4. ._. se sale

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