Color Trailer (Double) for Multiplayer & Singleplayer (Version 2.0)

new pack trailer For Double
Version 2.0
(Added 7 Paint)

You need to DLC Scandinavia

Incloding 17 colors
1.Black 2.Blue 3.Dark_Blue 4.Green 5.Orange 6.Pink 7.Red 8.Violet 9.White 10.Yellow 11.Brown 12.Light Green 13.Light Blue 14.Gray 15.Light Yellow 16.Dark Brown 17. Dark Green

You can use on multiplayer and single player
2.20 Rules from Trucker MP
You can use this mod on multiplayer
Because Only change paintjob
& only drive with double color on scandinavia map
For Version 1.28
You dont allow Reupload or edit
Thank you for using and reading Descriptions
enjoy it…



5 thoughts on “Color Trailer (Double) for Multiplayer & Singleplayer (Version 2.0)

  1. Man sadly said but doesnt work it again. The game not seeing your mods where the mod window in the game.

    1. 1. you should play Single Player(offline)
      you can find mods on mod manager

      2. active mod
      3. load your profile
      4. Get trailer (For example Double-color- trailer)
      5. save your profile
      6. exit Game
      7. start Multiplayer
      8. load your profile
      enjoy it…

  2. i test from multiplayer and pass
    you can see photo from MP
    you find it in City of DLC SCANDINAVIA
    if you cant find double(color) trailer your profile have problem
    the mod is health
    best whishes

  3. Okey guys, please check it out !

    If you tried to this mod on directly MP and not working ( its same to me ) , you should open the mod in offline ETS2. Then activated and pick your trailer&route with colours trailer. After that, jump into ETS2 MP.

    Thats it.

    The author if you updated this mod on future, plz attached this info on the mod describtion.

    Have fun !

  4. nuttywolf3

    So this works on the SP but then on MP the stock SCS company skins show back up on the double trailers. Have pictures of SP ai cars going by on SP and also of MP players going by me on MP as proof.

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