Color Trailer (Double) for Multiplayer & Singleplayer

new pack trailer For Double
You need to DLC Scandinavia

Incloding 18 colors:
1.Black 2.Blue 3.Dark_Blue 4.Green 5.Orange 6.Pink 7.Red 8.Violet 9.White 10.Yellow

You can use on multiplayer and single player
2.20 Rules from Trucker MP
You can use this mod on multiplayer
Because Only change paintjob

For Version 1.28
Use the Orginal link when you sharing
You dont allow Reupload
Please leave feedback and requests in comments
?Thank you for using and reading Descriptions?
enjoy it…

SCS & M.HaDi


8 Responses to Color Trailer (Double) for Multiplayer & Singleplayer

  1. Saygin says:

    Picked and pull into MOD browser. But it doesnt show up to MOD page in the MP games !

  2. adam says:

    it says no file !

  3. BeamZ says:

    Remember guys, only drive it in scandinavia or risk getting banned 🙂

    • M.HaDi says:

      Thats right

      2.20 rules of Truckers MP
      You allow use double only scandinavia map

      This is mod only change paintjob and you can use it…

  4. MehdiAnti says:

    thanks bro ❤️?
    nice job??

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