Colored mini lights


Works with all trucks. Colors: yellow, purple, green, red
Author: viitaaliik (Vitalik Mikevich)


6 Responses to Colored mini lights

  1. Santa says:

    I cant understand the readme.txt or folder names. Could you translate those?
    The text is just garbled symbols.

  2. piotr73 says:

    The same bug for me… Can you fix it please ??

  3. Benny BB says:

    put the one scs file in one of the folders then it works

  4. RobbertDavid says:

    Het lukt niet met de Mod,s HELP !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dovydas says:

    kaip jas užsidėti?

  6. Kenji87 says:

    First folder contains .scs file with Red flares
    Second folder contains .scs file with Yellow flares
    Third folder contains .scs file with Purple flares
    Fourth folder contains .scs file with Green flares

    Just extract the .scs file you want into the ETS2/Mod folder.

    Remember to activate the mods manually if you’re updated the game to 1.3.1

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