Colour Background for all Maps v 1.0

This mod contains a universal satellite background for all map combos.
For v1.35 – 1.36



7 thoughts on “Colour Background for all Maps v 1.0

  1. PorcupineTree

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD at this site!!!!!

    This mod is stolen!!!

  2. victor198134

    Прикольно….смотриться отлично! Спасибо

  3. victor198134

    Cool …. looks great! thank

  4. JoachimK

    Wow, 532mb la SCS in the Archive.
    It looks nice, but it’s too big.

  5. works for promods?

    1. JoachimK

      Yes, but if you have a lot of Mods, you can drink a Coffee and smoke a Cigarette.
      And I have a I7 and 32 GB DDR4-Ram

      As I wrote: 532 MB for this ! 🙁

  6. its+work+whitout+dlc’s??

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