Coloured Cabin Lights 1.35

Cabin lights for all SCS trucks (except Renault Premium).
7 colours.
Turns on and off smoothly.
NO FPS drops (only 1 light).
Buy it at the store (beacons menu).
Activate it with “S” key or that you have defined for beacon lights.

Ana Tomia


5 thoughts on “Coloured Cabin Lights 1.35

  1. TruckerOne

    Key “O”!!!

  2. Aha, “Ana Tomia” …
    Don´t say anymore.

  3. Daniel Süd

    Video test? virus report here…

    1. El coño turmana si que tiene virus

  4. AlphaGamer_AG

    zu schwaches licht …lvl.1.35.

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