Come Taste the Hot Summer

Come Taste the Hot Summer (1) Come Taste the Hot Summer (2)

While waiting for new IWR weather mod version, let try Hot Summer in my opinion. Bright sun and dark shadows as possible by game rendering. Try to make nights darker how I could.
Testing on 1.18

Authors: SCS, piva


3 Responses to Come Taste the Hot Summer

  1. Kenny says:

    small changes – big effect

    good work mate. looks very nice

  2. Hppns says:

    Very nice, mate! Thanks for this mod
    I got a request, if you please:
    The day cycles in the tropics are a lot different, as in
    – Sun rises at 6:30am
    – It’s still pretty dark at 5am
    – Sun sets at 6:30pm
    – It’s already pitch dark by 7:30pm

    Would you edit your mod with these parameters for guys like me?
    I did try myself but bugged your mod

    Thanks a million!

    • piva says:

      – Sun rises at 6:30am
      – Sun sets at 6:30pm

      It is impossible – game do not support half hours
      All other – a may make for You is you give me your email

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