Comil Campione 3.65 Volksbus

10 slots of skins edit
Optional red and Mercosur BR plate with editable
Animated digital sign with all capitals more editable
Windshield with malfunctions
Stickers on the windshield
Parasol with 4 variasões
Accessibility sticker
Non-stop TAG
Open and close curtains with color variations
Armchair fabrics 3 variations
Armchair Cape
Smoke with various intensities
TV with 3 variations and editable
More realistic and lighter passengers
Auxiliary armchair or hand Corre
Side, front and rear Volkswagen Logos
Comil back sticker, matte or Chrome
Two floor options
4 variations of panel painting
DRL optional
Internal mirror, realistic or static
Lights on the stairs and under the armchairs

D3D modding


2 thoughts on “Comil Campione 3.65 Volksbus

  1. Ciao scusa se ti chiedo in che concessionario lo trovo?

    1. Nel rivenditore di mod

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